Forming an online group that connected music lovers in real life

Where it all began: The Rodney in selfies, 2013–2019. I have fewer photos of the Washington Monument.

Some lessons designers can learn from improv comedy

A “Yes, anyway” approach can halt a good narrative flow.

Points to ponder when your audience is at home … but you’re not

All his best, all his sat — I accept it all gladly.

Being cool in the presence of genius.

Don drives off. Where does that leave us?

Conversations about the show were as interesting as the plot.

The author with the motherlode, Christmas 1975.

Although it may not have happened, a memory serves a purpose.

An ode to 22 words of “Running Up That Hill”

Mork suspenders, circa 1978

Writer Damian Barr creates a work of singular survival 

Scott Shumaker

Content designer, music aficionado, communications trainer, writing mentor, strategist. Always reads the lyrics.

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